May 1, 2017

Be unreasonable today.


Be unreasonable in way you attack your work today. Be unreasonable in the way you approach your work and be unreasonable in the commitment to, and in the execution of, your work.


Set a goal that is unreasonable. Set a goal that falls under the umbrella of kinda crazy. Listen to the reasonable voice in your head, acknowledge it and thank it for its’ input, and then kindly inform it that you’re going to go a different direction this time.


I've heard and I understand the logic that one is more likely to commit to, and consistently make efforts towards, outcomes that they believe to be realistic, that one feels they are more likely to achieve. I don’t disagree with that logic, but if the process by which we arrive at the goals we set for ourselves is bound by this need for that which is realistic, our left brain is going to keep our goals small. We are going to come up with practical goals that don’t risk much, that are safe, and that we inevitably feel rather lukewarm towards.



Try being unreasonable. What sort of outcome would be absolute fantasy fulfillment? What would be too good to be true? Now ask yourself: is it really so impossible? If so, why? What story of yours makes such an outcome so unrealistic?


I assert that our unreasonable goals become more likely to serve us because of the inspiration they feed us and the commitment we give in return. We find with our "realistic" goals, that we can take ‘em or leave ‘em. Our unreasonable goals and dreams, however, get us operating on a different frequency, and tune us into something a little more worth our while. I have also found, in my personal experience, that my reasonable goals have much more to do with ME and my own personal wants and needs, while my unreasonable goals connect me to something much larger than myself and connect me to people and issues in ways that my reasonable goals do not.


Commit to your work feverishly and unreasonably today. Be daringly audacious. Dare disappointment to come visit you. Make your intentions known to the universe and give disappointment a clear target.


Many of the people getting done the things they want done in the world are busy being absurdly unreasonable and unreasonably audacious RIGHT NOW, and they are winning...our president being one of them.


Let that marinate for a minute.


What business do you have being reasonable?


Shit is real out here. 

No one is coming to save you. 

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