EH, I Don't Think They Like Me....

April 11, 2017

How often do you think to yourself, “they don’t like me.” And how possible is it for a statement like that to be truly true? Who are you exactly?


There is one part of me that feels certain that certain people don’t like me, and whether I deem that to be a judgmental stance on their part or not, it feels very real. They don’t like me, and that sucks – or maybe it feels awesomely motivating; either way, the thought is as real as we make it. 



There is another part of me that knows that if they knew me the way I know myself, in my heart of hearts and in my most wholehearted and authentic moments, there’s no possible way they wouldn’t love me. Then the other part of me goes, “it’s a shame that part is off limits.” Why is it so hard to lead with that stuff? To bring your passions, fears, and longings to the table and let that be how people identify you and identify with you.


Maybe they really don't like you and when you truly confront that possibility, it's hard to truly give a shit. But when we linger in the world of sorta concerning ourselves with people's opinion, we lose sight of what we could actually be bringing to the table. If they really don't like you, and you do give a shit, then make it the real you that they dislike. 


We so often lead with the small stuff and paint ourselves into a corner of disapproval and disconnection. The answer will be different for everyone, but how can we/you manifest an active intention, daily, of bringing all of ourselves to our interactions? Of bringing more of ourselves to the surface, and meeting our day with that? How can we make that our daily practice?


Shit is real out here. No one is coming to save you. Dig deep and fight for the experience you want out of things.  

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