What Are They Saying?

April 3, 2017

What do people say about you?


What would you like to think they might say about you?


And I know, I know, trust me, I know, you don’t care what people think. I know. Neither do I. Totally. Right on.


Ok, but what if, IF, this was a fantastical sort of reality and they were saying exactly what you’d love them to be saying. What would that sound like?


“Gosh, you know ___________? She is so, just incredibly __________.”

“Oh, I know, she’s incredible. SOOO _______________.”


Right? Mark that. That’s something you can actualize.


If you’re anything like me, however, your brain already has a roadblock in place:

“Too late to change their mind, at this point.”

“They could never see me that way.”

“Every time I see them, I get all __________.”

“They only see what they wanna see, anyways.”

"I'm stuck. I keep trying to impress them and can't break out of it." 


The list could go on, and on, but the one thing all those statements have in common is that they are true if you make them so. You might be surprised how receptive people will be to the "you" that shows up in that moment, how effective that " you" in the moment can be at breaking through whatever preconceptions they may have had.


Do a drop down or a forward fold, wipe your imaginary mat clean, and make something manifest. Bring yourself to it! 


The point is not to concern one’s self, overly, with what people may say when you’re not around, but that you are free to actualize in whatever way you would like, today, now.



Meet the moment. 



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