Fresh Starts

March 21, 2017


A fresh start.


You can give yourself one any time you need one. If you’re like me, it’s more an issue of giving yourself permission to, the permission to stop berating yourself for what you wished you’d done differently and to allow yourself the chance to begin afresh.


We hold onto our tendencies as well as our disdain for our tendencies, laboring under the delusion that fixating on them, and our disdain for them, will impel us to blast through them. Science says that instead of motivating a breakthrough, such fixations only dig the rut deeper, making them more and more inescapable.


You’re allowed to let it go. You’re allowed to let go of your frustrations, disappointments, and the story that goes along with them - the story that solidifies them and makes them real. You’re allowed to try something new – something scary, exciting, and fresh. Your story defines you, but you need not be beholden to the way it’s been told, thus far. You’re allowed to tell your story the way you want it told.




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