How is Your Narrative Holding You Back?

March 16, 2017

How is your personal narrative limiting your options? Limiting your experience of the world?


How is your narrative keeping you comfortable? Keeping people out?  Keeping you from taking chances?



Narratives. Identities. We’ve all got them. We often wear multiple hats, and align ourselves with different personal story lines from day to day, from hour to hour. Many of us do it so seamlessly that we don’t realize it’s happening, but when we lose awareness of our narrative, we lose our power over it.


It's easy to lose sight of the experience we were chasing and become attached to the comfort and safety of the story. We distance ourselves from the day to day risks necessary to bring forth the story we’ve written for ourselves and settle for choices that won’t threaten the perfection of it all. We wait, and we wait. We hope our narrative is in the process of bringing our fantastical dreams forth and making them manifest. We disavow countless creative and life affirming possibilities, doing our best not to disturb the process.


What are you missing out on by holding on so tightly to your story?


How is your narrative limiting your day to day experience? What have you said no to, that could've cracked life open for you in a new way? That could've furthered your narrative, if it wasn’t such a threat to the perfection of it? It's not too late to crack a few eggs.


As always, this is just me working out my own shit. I hope it helps you with yours.

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