Monday Motives

March 13, 2017

This, that you're living, is your life. 


How does this week fit into your story? How would you like it to? How did last week? 

How does this week set you up for next week? 

What habits are you building this week that will serve you? 


Are there any connections you could make this week? Personal? Professional? Any you'd be really tickled by? Any you've been meaning to make? Something you been meaning to say to someone? 


What would be such a fantastic step in the right direction? What would be a huge, huge, huge win for you this week? Is it within the realm of possibility?


In what ways do you not feel seen? Misunderstood? What parts of you are not making it to the surface? What do you wish people knew about you?

No matter how hard we try to hide, we're never invisible. We are being seen; it's our choice how we assert ourselves in the midst of that visibility. IN OTHER WORDS: You'll be judged regardless, so you might as well be doing it the way you wanna be doing it: woke. 


Let's get it. 

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