Jumping In

March 2, 2017

This is long delayed. I've been postponing it, waiting until what I  had to write about felt adequately important. I've been postponing it because "who wants to hear another millenial's self important wonderings!?" I've been postponing it because why should anybody take the time to read my blog when they could read __________'s, or ___________'s? I mean, really. 


I'm not sure what I'll be writing about but I'm going to make a point of posting regularly, even if my posts are as short as a few sentences. Why? Because I need, as Larry Moss puts it,  "to stand and be counted." I want to begin making a more conscientious effort to bring something to bear on my world, and to put little bits and pieces of my experience on trial for whatever they may be worth. I'm not sure what will look like, but I feel a little giddy about getting started and I think that's a good sign. 


Anyways, without further ado - my first little drop in the bucket - GIRLS? Watched it? Even just the pilot, or the first few episodes? I'm kinda hooked. I read Lena Dunham's "memoir" about a year ago and couldn't put it down - funny, self deprecating and responsibly disarming, given the nature of her narcissistic admissions. Her TV show plays similarly although it took about three and a half episodes to begin picking up what she was putting down and to get clued in to what a scathing self portrait the show really is. The existence of the show is a testament to both her narcissism and a rare form of bravery she seems to have in spades. She doesn't shy away from closeup shots of her belly fat being fondled nor the retroactive self pity the character forces her friends to indulge. She is by turns a victim of both unfair relationships and her own obliviousness and spoiled neglectfulness of everyone else's needs within those relationships. The show is an entirely unsubtle study of the grey areas, if that semi-oxymoronic attempt to identify the ambiguities of the show isn't too...whatever it is. You feel me? 



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