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August 29, 2017

First Month in the Real World

My first month out of school has been a hectic one. I worked on an Season 16 episode of Mysteries at the Museum, shot another short film, got cast in a short play at Manhattan Repertory, and will be revisiting the character of Scott Lucas in The Atlantic Theater Company's workshop production of CONVENTION, by Danny Rocco, and directed by Shannon Fillion. I also got a final round callback for the role of Adam in The Bridge Production Group's upcoming production of Red Light Winter, although the role ultimately went to the very talented Connor Bond. I've found getting out and auditioning, especially in the callbacks, to be as good of a training ground as any class I've ever been in...although, perhaps, a training I wouldn't have been as prepared to soak up if it weren't for my time in formal training. Hard to say, I guess. I find myself appreciating my training more deeply with each audition, and yet coming to recognize my training as what Alan Watts might refer to as the canoe: the canoe that, however necessary to reach the shore, must ultimately be abandoned upon reaching shore.


June 21, 2017

Signed with Abbey Lynn Models

I recently signed with Abbey Lynn Models here in NYC. I am getting new photos taken on the 30th with Sean Turi, and am excited to see what might open up for me through doing some modeling and commercial work here in the city. New headshots and modeling photos on the way!


June 20, 2017

LANDMARK Education

I recently completed the second in a series of a three seminar training program at Landmark Education called The Curriculum for Living and I have got to say, it has opened up some new worlds for me. The purpose of the training is to get participants "profoundly related to reality," by separating facts from stories and by stripping away any delusions of independence and making clear, once and for all, that we are all inextricably woven into such a profoundly interdependent relationship with each other that not only should we stop taking ourselves so goddamn seriously but that we also better start taking serious the impact we are having on the world around us. Profound truths and profound contradiction abound, they are certainly on to something. Choose some actions, and do them; we're all gonna die anyways. Powerful work they are doing over there. I would love to talk to anybody who is at all curious about what goes on over at Landmark. It makes for good conversation if nothing else, and I promise at least one mind blowing story of synchronicity :)

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March 21, 2017

Soon By You and...4 years?!

This past Sunday I played a co-star role on Soon By You, a comedic web series about a group of young Jewish men and women doing their nest to navigate the dating world of NYC. I won’t say too much about my role, but you can look for me in Episode 4! Big shout out to Danny Hoffman for bringing me on board and director Leah Gottfreid for making my experience on set so enjoyable.

This week also marks an anniversary of sorts for me. It was four years, almost to the date, that I first stepped on stage in front of a live audience at Ottawa University in Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, Female Version. I played Jesus, one of the Spanish brothers in charge of spicing things up in Florence and Olive’s apartment and loved every minute of it.

A lot has changed in my life over those four years, and I have put in a ton of work, but it is still startling how time flies. There's never quite enough time, is there? 

That is all. Back to it. 


February, 2017

Second Semester Begins!

Just began our second semester at Atlantic, and things are rolling! Scenes are going up more quickly, and with a greater expectation that we are jumping in with full investment from the jump, abandoning the training wheels and the very actory tendency of "warming up" into scenes :) Loving things here so far, loving the city more and more though this winter cold is not to be taken lightly. ALSO, taking test drives of a few potential part time jobs this week, trying to find something to keep me afloat during my dream chasing; hoping I can find something that'll provide some enjoyment and community in addition to rent money. Without a job, NYC can feel incredibly isolating. Out here grinding!

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October 22, 2016

On the Red Carpet!

This movie finished shooting in August of 2014, and after countless obstacles in the pursuit of production, Ronda Belser and David Berger have made this passion project of theirs a reality. I had very recently begun acting when I sent in my audition tape and my first day on set was my first time in front of a camera; working under Shelly Cole's (Gilmore Girls) fearless and clear eyed direction was the best crash course in film acting an actor could wish for.
We were lucky enough to hold our premiere for the film in one of the mammoth, 400 seat auditoriums at the AMC Westminster Promenade, and lucky enough to see the place filled to the brim for the premiere.


October 3, 2016

Move to NYC and Beginning Training at Atlantic!

The first book I ever read about acting was The Practical Handbook for the Actor. I had very recently begun acting but my mom could sense it was more than a passing curiosity; she gave me the book as a holiday gift and my reaction to it was immediate and visceral. I immediately connected to the concept of physical action and that of working to achieve a specific response in your partner. The book outlines a technique that is demystifying, liberating and empowering for the actor. It gives the actor a clear way to assert themselves creatively through simple, logical steps designed to create the type of behavior you can't fake. The technique also encourages the application of one's intellect and intuition in a way that, often neglected by other approaches to "organic" acting, keeps the actor in line with the writer's intentions while simultaneously supporting their need for freedom and impulsivity within a scene. Impulsivity is now a word. Different people connect more strongly with different approaches to whatever craft they apply themselves to, and after spending some time studying some different approaches, I feel like I have found one that resonates with me; it feels like a coming home of sorts - returning to a sort of common sense.

The Atlantic Theater Company was founded by David Mamet and William H. Macy (pictured left with another ensemble member you might recognize), among others, and the founding principles of the company are being taught today by hand picked teachers, many of whom are founders themselves and/or ensemble members. My teachers for first semester include analytical mastermind Scott Zigler, who one of his coworkers flatteringly titled, "one heady motherf_____er!;" the inimitable force of Dyonisian and Apollonian dissonance Heather Oakley; our deeply embodied reminder of the power of respiratory freedom, Katie Bull; the man of the moment, Andy Schneeflock; self described patcher of holes in the Titanic of American speech, Charlie Layton, and Josh Lewis who lovingly reminds us that, "you're just playing pretend, everything is ok!"

New city, new adventure. Feeling like I'm in good hands heading into this new journey!

***another couple of neat notes - Bill Pullman, who I was lucky enough to work with, played Mamet's Oleanna off Broadway and, in another seemingly synchronicitous (word?) manifestation, THE DAY that Mr. Pullman decided to cast me in his show I was assigned a scene in class from Albee's "The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" which Bill Pullman PREMIERED on Broadway!


July 2016

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

While in the middle of rehearsals for Biloxi Blues, I saw a post in one of the facebook groups for the TV show, Bloom, that I was shooting, and the creator of the show, David Matthew Barnes (DM), was casting his next show at Red Rocks Community College where he is the artistic director. The play was Danny and The Deep Blue Sea, by John Patrick Shanley and the audition notice read, "looking for a strong male lead, in the vein of a young Marlon Brando..." I immediately read the play, read it again, and read it again. I fell in love, although to this day I can't tell you whether I was more in love with the play or the idea of being thought of in Brandonian terms. As fate would have it, however, between my rehearsal schedule and his deadlines for casting the show, there wasn't an opportunity for me to audition. I would not be dissuaded, however. I took to creating my own work, as per the Atlantic Theater Company motto. I immediately set about emailing some actors and directors I had contacts with in the Denver area and settled on a couple of collaborators and we set about staging this redemptive two character drama. Go me.
Hallie Schwartz played the role of Roberta and the inimitable, irrepressible force of directorial nature Jennifer Rincon guided us through the rehearsal process. We played a short, five night run at the wonderful theatre space she has created in the 910 ARTS building to five fantastic audiences.
My first ever acting teacher, Chris Thatcher, always used to stress the importance of being more than a "hired gun," and of making choices that serve to develop one's own artistic voice. Choosing this piece of material and seeing it through to completion felt like an exercise in just that.


May-June 2016

Biloxi Blues

Working on this play was such a blast, start to finish. Came to the first read through a little nervous, feeling a little out of my depth with so many seasoned professionals from the Denver theater world in the room, but could not have discovered a more compassionate, welcoming, and encouraging group of artists. I played a mean, menacing Wykowski and got to fart, thrust, and twerk my way through six weeks of sold out shows alongside the most welcoming and emboldening cast, crew, and artistic team an actor could dream to work with. Len Matheo and the Miner's Alley team are a gift to the Denver theatre community.


April 2016

The Glass Menagerie

The Germinal Stage has been a mainstay in the Denver theater community for a little over five decades. Ed Baierlein started the company in the mid 60's and has been at the helm ever since: casting, directing, and acting in plays of his choosing. The company works almost exclusively on the classics and has mounted over 200 plays since it's inception including numerous productions of some of Baierlein's favorites including Mr. Williams' first smash: Menagerie. Our production was the fourth he's put on at Germinal.
On a more personally relevant tangent, I'll note that closing night of this show came one year, to the date, after my first contact with Jennifer Rincon at VisionBox Studios, which just so happened to be at their studio production of....The Glass Menagerie, which set in motion an infatuation of mine with Tennessee Williams, in addition to a number of other writers I was introduced to through my work with Jennifer, and also a collaborative streak that included my work on the Bill Pullman project and wrapped up with JP Shanley's Danny. Nothing but gratitude for that woman!


January, 2016

Working with BILL PULLMAN! And My First Professional Stage Gig

Bill Pullman and Jennifer Rincon, head of VisionBox Studios and my treasured teacher, have been great friends since their early theater days in NYC and have continued to work together since her move to Colorado. The Wild Hunt was the latest of their collaborations and I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with them on it.
Mr. Pullman came to Denver to cast and direct local actors in his "play with songs," which combined music, puppetry, and dance to take us into the world of Norse Mythology through the hallucinations of a troubled young girl...or are they hallucinations? The show was by turns funny, unsettling, and a poignant reminder of some serious issues we're contending with whether we acknowledge them or not, namely climate change. The otherworldly talented Gary Grundei led the musical charge through a pulsing, haunting score developed by himself and Mr. Pullman.
The project was not only a passion project for Bill, however, it was also a family affair. His wife, Tamara, worked with us on the physicality for the dance sequences as well as some of the choreographed moves through the underworld :) Bill's awesomely talented daughter Maesa played the lead role in the show and his son Jack created the puppets and the associated choreography that made the puppets perfect conduits for several major story lines.
I could not have had a better time. The Pullman clan are as generous and down to earth as they come, and the rest of the cast and crew, professionals all, were exceedingly welcoming, caring, and supportive to me on my first professional theatrical gig.